Subject: Re: [RFC] Where to put license files?
To: Roland Illig <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/28/2005 17:09:11
Roland Illig wrote:
> the licenses/ directory currently holds all kinds of software licenses. 
> Some of them aren't used at all in pkgsrc, while other packages have 
> licenses that aren't listed in this directory.
> To improve the situation, I suggest that single-package licenses are 
> installed in their package directory. For example, 
> fprot-workstation-license should be 
> security/fprot-workstation/bin/LICENSE, as this is the only package 
> using this license.

This sounds fine, if I understand correctly that widespread or very
common licenses would still find a home in pkgsrc/licenses -- it would
only be the one-off licenses, e.g. your fprot-workstation example, that
would reside in the package directory.

I would suggest two refinements:

(1) Have LICENSE_FILE default to ${PKGDIR}/${LICENSE} so that we have
     the same naming convention for single-package licenses as what
     currently exists in pkgsrc/licenses.

(2) In much the same way that there is mk/defaults/options.descriptions
     file, I think we'll need a similar file that lists the various
     licences that are used by packages in pkgsrc that may be easily
     consulted by the user, and probably by any ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES logic


	-- Johnny Lam <>