Subject: Tcsh fix for NetBSD-current
To: None <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/20/2005 11:15:53
Hi there,

the BSD 4.3 signal compatibilty code has gone away in the lastest 
current version of NetBSD, whereby the

#define BSDSIGS

option in the config/bsd4.4 of the tsch package (that is used as default 
to guide the configure process) has become not only obsolete, but is now 
responsible for compiling errors (as the sigvec structure doesn't exist 

It should be replaced by

#undef BSDSIGS

in which case the compilation is correct.

Two remarks :

* I don't know if this patch works also with NetBSD 3.0 and lower;
* I don't know either if we can use Posix signals instead of the old