Subject: Re: pkgsrc strange homemade pkg behavior
To: None <>
From: Eric Auge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/13/2005 18:00:36

Wow good spot, updating pkg_install and regenerating the package
fixed the problem, thank you very much for your help and the
pkgsrc framework.

Best Regards,

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Eric Auge wrote:
>> ---- pkg_add yell ----
>> Installing files needed by insttmp.21727a:
> Notice that it says "insttmp.21727a". This is broken.
> I had same problem. I am guessing you are using pkg_install tools from 
> before February 2005. They are broken. It will cause problems such as 
> not cleaning up on pkg_delete. I had reported this and suggested that 
> there should be some mechanism to notify if using these old tools.
> I don't know if this is related to your problem. But please consider 
> updating pkg_install (on this target system) and trying again.
>  Jeremy C. Reed
>                  open source, Unix, *BSD, Linux training