Subject: wip/mixxx problems
To: None <,>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/12/2005 21:58:11
Hi all, 

I just imported a package for mixx (a digital DJ'ing tool) into pkgsrc-wip.
But it has problems: 

1) It doesn't build under NetBSD 2.x, due to the lack of a pselect(2) call.
   How should I solve this?  Is there a pkgsrc package providing this
   functionality?  Or another way to wrap this?  FreeBSD simply marked the
   port broken for 4.x due to this reason... :-(  

2) On NetBSD 3.x, it builds, but segfaults with the following output:

     Debug: Starting up...
     Debug: Could not read /home/geert/.mixxx.cfg
     Debug: MidiObjectOSS: No MIDI devices available.
     Debug: Could not read 
     Debug: Could not read /keyboard/Standard.kbd.cfg
     mixxx in free(): warning: chunk is already free.
     mixxx in free(): warning: chunk is already free.
     zsh: segmentation fault  mixxx

   Any audio wizards know how to tackle this?  

3) The build process doesn't respect CC and CXX environment variables.  It
   uses libtool to invoke cc and c++ but I'm not familiar with that tool.
   I'd love to have this fixed since package developing is much more fun
   with PKGSRC_COMPILER=ccache gcc. :-)  

Thanks for looking into this!