Subject: blackbox packages
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/05/2005 12:40:28
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Those of you using the blackbox window manager probably know that
there's a new version (0.70.0) available that we have not yet included
in pkgsrc.  The reason is that many of the other applications
(pkgsrc/*/bb*) don't work with the new version, and updates only exist
for some of these tools.

At the moment, there are versions of bbkeys and bbpager that function
with the new version of blackbox, and as far as I'm concerned, once
bbmail works with the new version, we're good to go and start updating
the packages.

However, to ease migration for current users of blackbox, I think it's
important to retain the old version.  That would mean that the new
version needs to be added as a separate package, and the question is
whether or not it should conflict with the old package or install into a
different location.

The two packages are likely to share a large number of files, so people
(like me) who will want to have both versions installed have a lot of
duplication.  One could rip out the shared files, roll a
``blackbox-files'' package and then only add the different binaries in
separate packages, but that seems like a lot of overhead.

Anybody has any suggestions or preferences?


This one's tricky. You have to use imaginary numbers, like eleventeen...

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