Subject: Re: Interix 3.5 on Win2k3 + pkgsrc - can't get past bootstrap
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Joshua Coombs <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/01/2005 23:37:53
> You need to turn off Data Execution Prevention.  Interix is 
> incompatible
> with it, at least on *some* configurations; the AMD Sempron and 
> Athlon 64
> are notably problematic.  This is because of the gcc signal 
> trampolines
> which are -- drum roll please -- on the stack.  (Unfortunately, I 
> forgot to
> put this note in the pkgsrc Guide when I discovered it, but I'll fix 
> that
> this weekend.)
> In WinXP and Win2k3, you can do this by logging in as a user in 
> group
> Administrators, then in Control Panel -> System, choose the Advanced 
> tab,
> click Settings under Performance, then choose the Data Execution 
> Prevention
> tab.  Choose "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and 
> services only".
> The worst part is that, at least on a Sempron system I have, even 
> that
> setting is not enough.  There's a system-level switch that can be 
> set to
> turn off DEP altogether in this case.  Edit C:\BOOT.INI in Notepad 
> or
> similar, and add the switch
>    /NoExecute=OptOut
> to the appropriate boot line under "[operating systems]", and 
> reboot.
> Once DEP is not impacting Interix, all should work correctly.  (But 
> do be
> aware that this means Windows will not use the hardware-supplemented 
> stack
> overflow protection.)

I disabled DEP using /NoExecute=OptOut, and am still having the exact 
same issues.  I'm running on a Trasmeta Crusoe if that has any 

Joshua Coombs