Subject: Re: wistumbler2-gtk fails to build
To: Greg Troxel <>
From: pancake <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/21/2005 15:55:15
it's done in CVS. please checkout

please test the latest CVS version and tell if it fails.

On 21 Aug 2005 08:22:17 -0400
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

>   speaker.c:44:26: machine/spkr.h: No such file or directory

this is checked in the configure stage.

> dstumbler (from dachb0den labs), when I last ran it, had code to beep
> via the IBM BASIC-compatible beep device.  See speaker(4) on i386, or
> perhaps any port with a PC parallel port controller chip.

wistumbler2 supports this since the first release.

> I suspect wistumbler2-gtk needs to be patched to not use /dev/speaker,
> or to have an autoconf test.

root@pl2:/home/pancake/prg/wistumbler2# ./configure --report
PKGNAME:   wistumbler2
VERSION:   2.0
LANGS:     c
REQUIRED:  libpthread
OPTIONAL:  libpcap libiw
FLAGS:     --enable-debug --without-gtk --without-sniffer --disable-oss --without-speaker
root@pl2:/home/pancake/prg/wistumbler2# ./configure --version
wistumbler2 configure 2.0
generated by ACR 0.4 : Auto Conf Replacement.

The 'Free Software Foundation' message is only for autodetection.
Originally written by pancake <>.

It's not autoconf, it's ACR, but does the same.

IMHO I think that maybe useful to create a mailing list to discuse all this kind of tips. When goes up again I'll create a wistumbler2 mailing list there.