Subject: Re: bulk builds and packaging for available options (was Re: CVS
To: None <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/16/2005 19:25:46
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> We should have bulk builds that can automatically test all the available 
> options.
> We should have a way to provide separate packages (different filenames 
> and maybe different package names) for each option.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how we can do bulk builds and packaging 
> for available options?
> What about naming of packages?
> OpenBSD appends a name such as "-mysql", "-no_x11" or "-static" for its 
> "flavor" style packages.

On pkgsrcCon 2005, I suggested PKG_VARIANTS to Johnny, but I did not 
even start work on it. For the Midnight Commander, a Makefile fragment 
could look like:

PKG_VARIANTS=                       ncurses all_features
PKG_VARIANT_OPTIONS.all_features=   samba x11
PKG_VARIANT_OPTIONS.ncurses=        -slang ncurses

I would suggest that we separate the variant using an underscore, not a 
hyphen. So the lines above would result in the following binary packages: