Subject: afterstep privacy notice
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/15/2005 21:09:56
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I just notice this lovely message being displayed by AfterStep during
the configuration stage:

,----[ as notice ]
| AS required by goverment regulations we now disclose all the illigal
| snooping activities, that AfterStep Window Manager will be performing on
| your computer(s).
| Being Big Brother AfterStep will keep an eye on any suspicious window
| movements on your screen, different clicking sounds made by your
| keyboard, detect slightest vibrations of your mouse/trackball, and most
| importantly  - it will keep track of what images your are displaying in
| the root window of your desktop.
| Being Good hearted Big Brother, though AfterStep will keep all this
| information in secret, and most likely will forget about it immidiately.
| Nothing will be logged, mailed, broadcast or otherwise disclosed to
| unauthorized parties. So your secrets are safe with it.
| The only exception is when you compile it with --enable-gdb option or
| --enable-audit. In this case significant amounts of activity will be
| logged - printed into console output. Make sure you keep it safe from
| all the malicious persons out there (and from overflowing your disk)! It
| is your responsibility now.
| And finally we are coming to the fun part. AS it is the only
| compensation that developers of this lousy software get - AfterStep will
| automagically e-mail a single message anytime ~/.afterstep directory
| needs to be rebuilt. This message will contain such a vital information
| as date, time, your X server color depth, number of X screens, number of
| xinerama screens, compiler version, kernel version, and list of linked
| to libraries.
| If you object to this e-mailing activity - please make sure and use the
| following ./configure option : --disable-send-postcard-to-developer

I find this last part somewhat disturbing.  I don't like my software
sending out emails all over the place.  Should the package default to
--disable-send-postcard-to-developer ?


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