Subject: fontforge and libiconv
To: None <>
From: Tyler Mitchell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/10/2005 03:59:28

I tried building fontforge today on NetBSD 3.99.7. It compiled fine, but 
when running it complained heavily about libiconv; apparently it was 
unable to support several encodings, such as MacRoman.

The quick fix for me was to add


to /etc/mk.conf.

Some questions:

  1. Why use the builtin libiconv? (The existence of a 
converters/libiconv/ file tells me that there must be a good 

  2. Is my "fix" a good solution? (Is it better for other packages to use 
the pkgsrc libiconv?)

  3. Is there a way to force just fontforge to use pkgsrc libiconv?

Any comments/suggestions/jokes would be most welcome.  Thanks,

Tyler Mitchell <> . . . . . . . .