Subject: native java browser plugin
To: None <,>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/09/2005 17:27:43
Hi all, 

I have committed (optional but enabled by default) support for a native
Java browser plugin in the wip/jdk14 package.  The option is jdk14-plugin,
and requires devel/nspr as a build-time dependency (could also use the nspr
dir of any installed mozilla/firefox package, but using the separate nspr
package was easier and also more correct IMO).  

You only have to symlink to plugin binary into the relevant browser
plugins/ directory to use it.  You can test the plugin with the examples
included in the ${LOCALBASE}/java/jdk-1.4.2/demo/plugin/applets/ directory.  

I have also option'ized the JDK14_USE_JCE variable (option jdk14-jce,
disabled by default), although I don't understand what exactly it does, it
just adds one text and one html file.  Anyway, it was (and still is)
practically broken because the extra distfile can't be fetched, it didn't
even have a checksum recorded.  I added the checksum, but the file still
needs to be manually downloaded from, I'll add an extra notice to
the existing download instructions later.  

Next thing on my (personal) todo list is to add the possibility to use
wip/jdk14 itself to bootstrap wip/jdk14 (atm lang/sun-jdk14 is required,
but in theory it should be possible to get rid of it after the initial
build of wip/jdk14).  

But for now, please test the JRE and the browser plugin, and let me know
how it works.  

Thanks to the guys on tech-pkg@NB and pkgsrc-wip-discuss@SF for their help
and advice.