Subject: Re: Debugging a buildlink wrapper problem?
To: walt <>
From: Dieter Baron <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/07/2005 21:13:30
In article <1123441256.17995.21.camel@k9.localnet> walt wrote:
: I'm trying to help Geert get the jdk14 package working, and I have
: this puzzle:

: /usr/pkgsrc/wip/jdk14/work/.wrapper/bin/g++
: -I/usr/pkg/include/mozilla/nspr <other-flags-snipped> foo.cpp

: The above command gives me a missing header error for a header
: which *absolutely* exists in the specified 'nspr' directory.
: In other words:  the error is completely bogus.  But why?

  Does the header exist in ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include/mozilla/nspr?
Because that's where the wrapper script looks for it.  Including
mozilla's should link it there (or else be fixed to do
so).  buildlink prevents the C compiler from looking in ${LOCALBASE}
directly, so the build is not influenced by unrelated installed