Subject: Re: pkgsrc on IRIX...
To: None <>
From: Stuart Shelton <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/06/2005 02:24:24
> Aha!  Another IRIX user!  Good!


Octane2 V12/DCD, 2x400MHz, 2Gb - so compilation time isn't as painful
as it could be...

> This should be fixed in the package itself.  I believe the correct way
> to do this these days is to add
> to the Makefile.

I'll give that a try... Yep - that's got it!  Great :)

Could this change be added to the Makefile permanently?

> I thought I had fixed that at some point.  What revision is your
> pkgsrc/lang/perl5/Makefile ?

I've just run cvs update, so it should be the latest:
# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.96 2005/07/13 15:20:29 jschauma Exp $

> FWIW, you could try to use the binary packages provided for IRIX 6.5
> under

Yeah, but where's the fun in that!?
I've got a shiny new compiler, and I want to use it! :)

Seriously, though - do you know what machine/OS/compiler suite these
packages are compiled with?  I guess they're probably gcc rather than
MIPSpro - which is fine of course, but it'd be great to be able to
confirm that packages do build with the OS' own compiler.

> devel/cvsup sounds promising... ;-)

That's what I thought - but that package tells me that it's not
available for IRIX... I was just wondering if I'd found the right thing.

A few more hiccups (is there a bugzilla where I should report things
like this without spamming the list?):

Doing a "bmake readme" in the pkgsrc root outputs:

> cc-1035 cc: WARNING File = /usr/include/sys/endian.h, Line = 32
>   #error directive:  "<standards.h> must be included before <sys/endian.h>."
>   #error "<standards.h> must be included before <sys/endian.h>."
>    ^

... repeatably.  An OS-headers problem rather than a package problem I
guess, but is there a standard (e.g. won't be removed on a "bmake
clean") way to alter the package to add the additional include?

> bmake: "/usr/bsd/src/x11/fox/Makefile" line 22: warning: String comparison operator should be either == or !=
> bmake: "/usr/bsd/src/x11/fox/Makefile" line 22: Malformed conditional ((${OPSYS} == "NetBSD") && (${OS_VERSION:R} < 3))
> bmake: "/usr/bsd/src/x11/fox/Makefile" line 22: Missing dependency operator
> bmake: "/usr/bsd/src/x11/fox/Makefile" line 24: if-less endif
> bmake: "/usr/bsd/src/x11/fox/Makefile" line 24: Need an operator
> bmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue


> printf string <LI><STRONG> apache\\&lt;1.3.14 has a re ... too long
> Input record number 82410, file /tmp/mkreadme/database
> Source line number 369
> Error:  genreadme.awk failed to create README.html files
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.

Hmm - now I'm wondering if this is an OS issue again.  IRIX seems to
want to only accept a very small number of command-line arguments, and
I'm not sure how (or if) I can alter this.  For example, doing a "grep
foo *" in a directory with even only a few hundred items will result in
"Arg list too long".  Is this limit perhaps being reached here?

Finally, gettext-0.11.5nb5:

> cc-1054 cc: ERROR File = po-lex.c, Line = 517
>   There are not enough arguments in a macro invocation.
>                     po_gram_error (_("invalid multibyte sequence"));
>                                                                   ^

> cc-1054 cc: ERROR File = po-lex.c, Line = 544
>   There are not enough arguments in a macro invocation.
>   incomplete multibyte sequence at end of file"));
>                                                 ^

> cc-1054 cc: ERROR File = po-lex.c, Line = 1049
>   There are not enough arguments in a macro invocation.
>                                            _("end-of-line within string"));
>                                                                          ^

Any clues on this one?