Subject: Re: pkgsrc on IRIX...
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/05/2005 14:45:38
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Stuart Shelton <> wrote:
> I've installed pkgsrc (from source) onto IRIX 6.5.27 using the MIPSpro
> 7.4.3m compiler suite.

Aha!  Another IRIX user!  Good!

> I hit a few problems during pkgsrc bootstrap, but these were all due to
> missing link libraries in the pkg_install - IRIX requires
> "-lmp".
> libnbcompat's lchflags.c tries to use a chflags() function which isn't
> defined on IRIX.
> pax tries to compile against regexp.h, but finds it to be present but
> uncompilable, and says to report this to  The IRIX
> documentation for regexp(5) states that any code which includes it must
> define INIT and several other macros in order to work - which the
> configure test doesn't.

Hmmm, I haven't bootstrapped on my IRIX machines in a while.  I'll have
to give it another try, but the last time around I didn't have any of
these problems.[1]

> ncurses pulls in groff which pulls in netpbm, tiff, and jpeg.  jpeg also
> breaks to to a lack of "-lmp".  It there a standard way to specify that
> libmp must be linked against for this package?

This should be fixed in the package itself.  I believe the correct way
to do this these days is to add


to the Makefile.

> Trying to build pkglint pulls in Perl, which seems to be very broken
> (but only because it tries to be helpful) on IRIX.  For example, at one
> point it tries to check whether you want to use the n32 or 64 ABI, but
> then appends "-32" to CFLAGS (despite the fact that it detects the
> compiler as "cc -n32").  This results in my CFLAGS being "... -n32 ...
> -32 ..." which causes the compiler to fail.

I thought I had fixed that at some point.  What revision is your
pkgsrc/lang/perl5/Makefile ?

FWIW, you could try to use the binary packages provided for IRIX 6.5

> P.S. Is "sup" (for updating pkgsrc instead of CVS) itself not in pkgsrc?
> I couldn't find the package.

$ ls -d pkgsrc/*/*sup*
devel/cvsup                devel/cvsup-gui        devel/ruby-activesupport
devel/cvsup-bin            devel/cvsup-gui-bin    math/superlu

devel/cvsup sounds promising... ;-)


[1] Unfortunately, I won't have time to look into this until the next

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