Subject: Trouble building libiconv on Solaris 10/sparc
To: None <>
From: Stefan Bethke <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/04/2005 16:56:36
(If I'm asking the wrong list, please point me in the right  
direction. This is the first contact I'm having with pkgsrc. Thanks!)

I've successfully (I believe bootstrapped pkgsrc on a Sparc Solaris  
10 box, but I'm having trouble build converters/libiconv:

track:/opt/pkg/pkgsrc/converters/libiconv# bmake _PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=100  
===> *** No /opt/pkg/pkgsrc/distfiles/pkg-vulnerabilities file found,
===> *** skipping vulnerability checks. To fix, install
===> *** the pkgsrc/security/audit-packages package and run
===> *** '/opt/pkg/sbin/download-vulnerability-list'.
===> Building for libiconv-1.10
builddir="`pwd`"; cd libcharset && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all &&     /opt/ 
pkg/bin/pax -rw lib/ lib/.libs "$builddir/" &&        / 
opt/pkg/bin/pax -rw include/*.h "$builddir/"
cd lib && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all
cd lib && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all
cd srclib && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all
/opt/pkg/bin/bmake  all-am
cd src && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all
test `ls -ld . | sed -e 's/^d\(.........\).*/\1/'` = rwxrwxrwx ||  
chmod 777 .
cd po && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all
cd man && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all
if test -d tests; then cd tests && /opt/pkg/bin/bmake all; fi
/bin/sh: bad substitution
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkg/pkgsrc/converters/libiconv
===> There was an error during the ``build'' phase.
===> Please investigate the following for more information:
===>      * log of the build
===>      * /opt/pkg/pkgsrc/converters/libiconv/work/.work.log
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkg/pkgsrc/converters/libiconv

The "/bin/sh: bad substitution" appears to occur in or near the post- 
build target:
# bmake _PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=100 post-build/bin/sh: bad substitution
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkg/pkgsrc/converters/libiconv

I've tried to locate a post-build target in mk/*.mk, but my make-fu  
isn't strong enough to find it...

Any pointer greatly appreciated!


Stefan Bethke <>   Fon +49 170 346 0140