Subject: Building perl modules that use Module::Build and incompatible argument PREFIX
To: None <>
From: Roman Kulik <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/29/2005 12:24:08
I'm trying to install Module::Build perl module, package name 
p5-Module-Build, and it installs it but when I do:

bmake test

then some tests fail.  Module::Build does not support PREFIX argument, so it 
should not be passed to it.  But I get a few errors complaining about 
PREFIX, like this:

Sorry, PREFIX is not supported.  See the Module::Build
documentation for 'destdir' or 'install_base' instead.
# Failed test 5 in t/compat.t at line 42
#  t/compat.t line 42 is:   ok $build->do_system(@make);

Does anyone know if it is possible to modify one of the pkgsrc configuration 
files so pkgsrc would not pass PREFIX argument when the perl package uses 
Module::Build instead of MakeMaker?