Subject: Re: slow builds on interix
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Arto Huusko <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/26/2005 23:03:50
Todd Vierling wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, Arto Huusko wrote:
>>I just tried pkgsrc on Interix today. However, there seems to be
>>something wrong with my setup, because pkgsrc builds seem very slow.
>>And the problem does not seem to be Interix itself, because if I
>>extract the package source code somewhere and do manually
>>configure and make, everything happens very snappily indeed.
> The problem is Interix, but not the Interix subsystem.  It's actually
> because Interix's shell is horribly slow (/bin/sh, which is actually
> /bin/ksh -- a very old version of pdksh).
> I've been working on porting NetBSD's much faster sh(1) to Interix, but that
> has stalled lately due to a nasty crash of my one Windoze box.  However, it
> was rebuilt last week, so I may try my hand at that again.

But why then does configure run slow when invoked through pkgsrc, and
much faster when running the same configure script manually
("./configure"). The shell that does the running is the same, right?

I know, it sounds insane, and I'll have to recheck tomorrow.

But I distinctly remember running a pkgsrc build and looking at it
in disgust, thinking "this Interix is way worse than cygwin"... and
then I tried running configure and make of the app directly, and it
was much much faster (almost like on a real OS :).

And then there's the odd behaviour of install-sh taking ages with
CPU load of 0 to install files of a few kilobytes.

BTW, linking Interix /bin/sh to pkgsrc built bash, for example,
did not improve the situation.