Subject: Re: devel/nbitools needs to set compiler flags
To: None <>
From: Idar Tollefsen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/26/2005 19:10:29
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I'm following up on this myself.

It turns out that if you set CC and CXX for the SunPro compiler (as the 
documentation tells you do to:, then ${CC}, 
${CXX} and ${LD} are no longer (of course) aliased to gcc, g++ and gcc 
respectively. As a side effect ${CFLAGS} or ${CXXFLAGS} aren't present when 
linking. Normally, that simply means adding ${CFLAGS} to ${LDFLAGS} in mk.conf 
since the compiler is used as the link driver anyway.

In my original patch, I had set LdCmd to simply ${LD}, but when ${LD} now 
becomes "ld" instead of "gcc", the ${CFLAGS} part of ${LDFLAGS} aren't accepted. 
And of course they're not, their compiler flags, not linker flags. Furthermore, 
I can't find a way to force in ${LDFLAGS}. There's a define for SHLIBLDFLAGS, 
but it's already set by the various platform configurations and should not be 

A revised patch is attached (still incorporating changes suggested in pkg/30341) 
in witch LdCmd is set to "${CC} ${LDFLAGS}" and ${LDFLAGS} is removed from the C 
and C++ options since it's now part of the link command. I believe this should 
work for all compilers.

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--- nbitools.orig/Makefile	Tue Jul 26 16:41:48 2005
+++ nbitools/Makefile	Tue Jul 26 18:36:04 2005
@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@
 .include "../../mk/"
 .if ${OPSYS} == "Linux"
 USE_TOOLS+=	gmake
@@ -27,5 +29,23 @@
 	@${MV} ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/site.def ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/site.def.orig
 	@${SED} -e 's|^\(\#define[ \t]*ProjectRoot\).*|\1 ${PREFIX}|' \
 		${WRKSRC}/config/cf/site.def.orig > ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/site.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define CcCmd ${CC}"  >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define CplusplusCmd ${CXX}" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define CplusplusIncludes" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define LdCmd ${CC} ${LDFLAGS}"  >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define DefaultCCOptions ${CFLAGS}"  >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define DefaultCplusplusOptions ${CXXFLAGS}"  >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+.if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
+.  if ${PKGSRC_COMPILER} == "gcc"
+	@${ECHO} "#define HasSunC NO" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define HasGcc2 YES" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define HasSunCplusplus NO" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define HasGcc2ForCplusplus YES" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+.  elif ${PKGSRC_COMPILER} == "sunpro"
+	@${ECHO} "#define CCompilerMajorVersion 5" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+	@${ECHO} "#define CplusplusCompilerMajorVersion 5" >> ${WRKSRC}/config/cf/host.def
+.  endif
 .include "../../mk/"