Subject: Re: devel/nss and Linux
To: grant beattie <>
From: Matthew Luckie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/10/2005 21:02:25
> I don't think nss has really been widely enough tested; it doesn't
> install correctly for me on either Linux or Solaris, two of the most
> popular platforms. my target package is chat/gaim in this case.

gnutls was hardly fool proof either.  one of the reasons it was ditched
was relating to gaim ssl hangs on 1.6 systems.  also, the likes of
gaim-encryption requires nss.  so i'd really like to see nss work.

if you give me a login on a solaris box i'll get nss going on solaris.
or, tell me how it breaks and I'll work on it one issue at a time.

Jeremy hasn't posted his patches he required to get nss compiling on
linux (or let me know if my Makefile patch worked).  but combined with
the patch i posted against pkgsrc/devel/nss Makefile, I think we're
nearly there with Linux.

> what is the possibility of adding an option to build gaim w/ gnutls,
> which has been in pkgsrc longer and is more widely used in general? I
> understand there are/were licensing issues with gaim and openssl, but
> I recall the "recommendation" was to use gnutls.

back then the only ssl library in pkgsrc was gnutls.

> also, I don't there is a problem with providing an option to use
> openssl, as long as it is not the default, as it is the end user's
> responsibility to ensure they are not violating the license.
> thoughts?

i wrote the openssl patch in question many moons ago.  i would prefer
that the openssl patch be accepted by gaim developers, but they did
claim a GPL violation.  so the choices are gnutls or nss.

p.s. you can close PR 30693