Subject: MesaLib trouble on Solaris
To: None <>
From: Jake Maciejewski <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/02/2005 02:01:12
I'm having the following problem with MesaLib on Solaris (actually
SchilliX, but close enough) using pkgsrc current.

if [ "x11 osmesa" =3D "osmesa" ] ; then  libtool  --mode=3Dlink gcc -o libO=
SMesa.a main/api_arrayelt.lo main/api_loopback.lo main/api_noop.lo main/api=
_validate.lo main/accum.lo main/attrib.lo main/blend.lo main/bufferobj.lo m=
ain/buffers.lo main/clip.lo main/colortab.lo main/context.lo main/convolve.=
lo main/debug.lo main/depth.lo main/dispatch.lo main/dlist.lo main/drawpix.=
lo main/enable.lo main/enums.lo main/eval.lo main/extensions.lo main/feedba=
ck.lo main/fog.lo main/get.lo main/hash.lo main/hint.lo main/histogram.lo m=
ain/image.lo main/imports.lo main/light.lo main/lines.lo main/matrix.lo mai=
n/occlude.lo main/pixel.lo main/points.lo main/polygon.lo main/rastpos.lo m=
ain/state.lo main/stencil.lo main/texcompress.lo main/texcompress_s3tc.lo m=
ain/texcompress_fxt1.lo main/texformat.lo main/teximage.lo main/texobj.lo m=
ain/texstate.lo main/texstore.lo main/varray.lo main/vtxfmt.lo glapi/glapi.=
lo glapi/glthread.lo math/m_debug_clip.lo math/m_debug_norm.lo math/m_debug=
_xform.lo math/m_eval.lo math/m_matrix.lo math/m_translate.lo math/m_vector=
.lo math/m_xform.lo array_cache/ac_context.lo array_cache/ac_import.lo tnl/=
t_array_api.lo tnl/t_array_import.lo tnl/t_context.lo tnl/t_pipeline.lo tnl=
/t_save_api.lo tnl/t_save_loopback.lo tnl/t_save_playback.lo tnl/t_vb_fog.l=
o tnl/t_vb_light.lo tnl/t_vb_normals.lo tnl/t_vb_points.lo tnl/t_vb_program=
.lo tnl/t_vb_render.lo tnl/t_vb_texgen.lo tnl/t_vb_texmat.lo tnl/t_vb_verte=
x.lo tnl/t_vertex.lo tnl/t_vertex_c.lo tnl/t_vertex_codegen.lo tnl/t_vtx_ap=
i.lo tnl/t_vtx_generic.lo tnl/t_vtx_x86.lo tnl/t_vtx_eval.lo tnl/t_vtx_exec=
.lo shader/arbfragparse.lo shader/arbprogparse.lo shader/arbprogram.lo shad=
er/arbvertparse.lo shader/grammar_mesa.lo shader/nvfragparse.lo shader/nvpr=
ogram.lo shader/nvvertexec.lo shader/nvvertparse.lo shader/program.lo swras=
t/s_fragprog_to_c.lo swrast/s_aaline.lo swrast/s_aatriangle.lo swrast/s_acc=
um.lo swrast/s_alpha.lo swrast/s_alphabuf.lo swrast/s_auxbuffer.lo swrast/s=
_bitmap.lo swrast/s_blend.lo swrast/s_buffers.lo swrast/s_copypix.lo swrast=
/s_context.lo swrast/s_depth.lo swrast/s_drawpix.lo swrast/s_feedback.lo sw=
rast/s_fog.lo swrast/s_imaging.lo swrast/s_lines.lo swrast/s_logic.lo swras=
t/s_masking.lo swrast/s_nvfragprog.lo swrast/s_pixeltex.lo swrast/s_points.=
lo swrast/s_readpix.lo swrast/s_span.lo swrast/s_stencil.lo swrast/s_tcc.lo=
 swrast/s_texture.lo swrast/s_texstore.lo swrast/s_triangle.lo swrast/s_zoo=
m.lo swrast_setup/ss_context.lo swrast_setup/ss_triangle.lo x86/common_x86.=
lo x86/x86.lo x86/3dnow.lo x86/sse.lo sparc/sparc.lo drivers/common/driverf=
uncs.lo drivers/osmesa/osmesa.lo -rpath /usr/pkg/lib  -version-info 6:2  li= ;  else  libtool  --mode=3Dlink gcc -o libOSMesa.a  drivers/osmesa/o=
smesa.lo -rpath /usr/pkg/lib  -version-info 6:2 ;  fi
/export/home/pkgsrc/graphics/MesaLib/work/.wrapper/bin/libtool[51]: ./libGL=
.la:  not found
libtool: link: cannot find the library `'
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /export/home/pkgsrc/graphics/MesaLib/work/Mesa-6.2.1/src/m=
*** Error code 1

What is this supposed to be? I tried hacking together a file based on an example I found, but I got an error that it
wasn't a convenience library. I don't know much about libtool, so I'm
really lost here.

I have a bunch of .la files in /usr/pkg (gcc stuff, gaim, gtk, pango,
etc.) but no I do have a from xorg-libs, so I'm
not really sure why XMMS wants to rebuild MesaLib. If I could tell
everything that would otherwise depend on MesaLib to use the existing
libGL, assuming it provides the same functionality, that would also be
an acceptable solution.

Jake Maciejewski <>