Subject: Re: apr update
To: None <>
From: Eric Gillespie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/29/2005 19:01:32
Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <> writes:

> The only issue this brings (nothing for subversion, I asked one of the core
> developers, aside from recompiling to make use of the new libraries, due to
> ABI differences) is that apache2 depends on apr.

You misunderstood what i told you.  Subversion 1.x must consider
APR as part of its API and ABI guarantees.  This means Subversion
1.x must stick with apache 2.0.x and the apr it ships with.

> So in effect this means that the apache2 pkg needs a apr09 (repocopy from
> apr).

You can't build against apr 0.9 and then load it
into httpd linked with apr 1.1.  Additionally, to make our apache
2.0.x package use apr 1.x would break Apache's API and ABI
guarantees, just as with Subversion.

> How to handle apache 2.1/2.2?  Create an apache22 pkg or will apache2 be
> moved to apache20 and 2.1/2.2 will become apache2?

I would suggest:

  1. copy apache2 to apache20
  2. move apr to apr09, continue using apache20 distfile
  3. make subversion-base depend on apr09 and ap2-subversion on apache20
  4. make new apr and apr-util packages with their own distfiles
  5. update apache2 to 2.2, with apr and apr-util dependencies

If you want to make an apache 2.1 package, you'd need to call it
apache2-dev or something.  However, i don't see any demand for
such a package.

Eric Gillespie <*>