Subject: Re: Unsupported relocation type 10 in non-PLT relocations
To: ian <>
From: Bruce O'Neel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/29/2005 11:42:11

The problem is that when was built .o files were put in that 
were not built -FPIC.

You could try rebuilding ClamAV making sure that -fpic is specified.  
Maybe the simpliest (though probably wrong :) would be

setenv CC "cc -fpic"

make clean
make update



On Wed, Jun 29, 2005 at 10:52:55AM +0100, ian wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm getting problems with ClamAV (0.85, 0.85.1 and 0.86.1) as well as  
> Pango (as part of an Ethereal build).  This is on a 3.0 BETA macppc  
> system (2005-06-18 snapshot) with the 25jun05 pkgsrc.tar.gz file (the  
> ClamAV versions before 0.86.1 were with an older pkgsrc.tar.gz)
> With ClamAV the build works fine but trying to run freshclam results in:
> # freshclam
> /usr/pkg/lib/ Unsupported relocation type 10 in non- 
> PLT relocations
> and during the build of the Ethereal dependancies I see:
> Writing a pango.modules file to use when running examples before  
> installing Pango.
> /usr/pkgsrc/devel/pango/work/.buildlink/lib/  
> Unsupported relocation type 10 in non-PLT relocations
> I've Googled enough to know it has to do with -fPIC/-FPIC and trying  
> to link non-relocatable objects into relocatable ones, but that's  
> pretty much all I've found on the subject: unless there's some simple  
> thing I've missed, this does require a decent knowledge of the inner  
> workings of {g}cc/ld and the structure of libraries (which I don't  
> currently possess).
> I'm (very) willing to learn in order to help solve this one, but I  
> haven't got very far by myself and would welcome all suggestions  
> (apart from changing the architecture :)  I can probably provide SSH  
> access to someone who knows what they're doing and doesn't have a 3.0  
> BETA macppc machine if this gets very tough.
> Any starting points would be great.
> Thanks in advance,
> -- 
> Ian Spray.
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