Subject: pkgsrc Imake XFree86-fontsEncodings
To: None <>
From: Jason Naughton <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/25/2005 21:29:13
Hi all,

I ran into a bit of a problem that I'm now noticing is re=ocurring.  Orignally I
had a problem compiling the XFree86-fontsEncodings, it continiously complained
about not finding the imake conf directory (/opt/pkg/XFree86/lib/X11/config for
me).  Anyhow I created a link in the work/.buildlink as:

cd work/.buildlink
ln -s /opt/pkg/XFree86

Then I went back to the main pkgsrc XFree86-fontsEncodings directory and typed:
bmake install

This time eveything ran fine and the port was installed and registered.  I next
when to the 100dpi fonts directory for XFree86 and started to bmake install. 
Yet once again it complained that it couldn't find the imake config directory. 
So I followed the same steps above and once again everything went fine.  Is
there a way to inform the bmake install process to make this link for me rather
than me doing an intial bmake having the bmake fail then creating the link in
the .buildlink directory and then re-runnig the bmake install?