Subject: Re: make update == make broken
To: Idar Tollefsen <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/24/2005 17:18:12
On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 05:12:49PM +0200, Idar Tollefsen wrote:
> >Here's an example if you want: 
> >
> >
> >
> >That's a LOT of packages updated, including some BIG ones.  The commit
> >message says: 
> >
> >
> >>Bump the PORTREVISION for the ports directly affected by the gettext
> >>upgrade.
> Well... You managed to find one of the bigger once. That's probably an
> example of a worst-case scenario.

I just hit freshports and it's the first one I found. :-)  

> As for manpower; it falls on the package maintainer to make sure versions
> are bumped were needed. I.e. not really more manpower, but probably more
> work and testing for maintainers.

No.  In pkgsrc, maintainers assume that users will use make update (or
pkg_chk or whatever) properly, as documented.  This implies rebuilding the
dependant packages anyway.  So no hacks.