Subject: request for some additions to pkgsrc: FreeBSD 'BSDPAN', PERL_BUILD
To: None <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/23/2005 14:27:50
I'd like to ask for discussion on some changes to the pkgsrc framework. 

First is a suggestion from 2002, PR 17684 -This was a set of
diffs to pkgsrc/lang/perl which adds in the FreeBSD 'BSDPAN'
modification to make all CPAN and perl Makefile.PL installs create
valid packaging trails. -The code from 2002 isn't online any more, but
I think can be easily re-created. 

This would hugely help me, in tracking local code installation and
replicating it across multiple hosts. I think it would help a lot of
other people too.

Second, the FreeBSD pkg_create -b option which makes a .tgz from the
installed binary, irrespective of having pkgsrc/<area>/<app> (which is
required for the pkgsrc make package phase)

Combined with the first issue, this means that people's own Makefile.PL
code bootstraps to a binary .tgz, and very simply from there to a full
pkgsrc Makefile hierarchy.

Lastly, FreeBSD perl .mk logic understands the 'Build.PL' method. This
is a sideways hack on Makefile.PL, which a small but significant number
of useful perl mods use.