Subject: make update == make broken
To: None <>
From: Sean Davis <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/22/2005 21:01:32
Okay, I know I've complained about this before now, and I know other people
have as well. I'm sick of it. What does it take to update a package, and not
have "make update" rape 90 other packages that aren't even remotely related?

For example, I wanted to update mplayer. So I did a 'make update' in
multimedia/mplayer. Guess what? KDE got nuked. And didn't build. So I was
left without it until I rebuilt it from meta-pkgs/kde3 manually.

What will it take to get the pkgsrc developers to actually fix make update?
I'm tired of being told to use pkg_comp: Every time I've used it, it can't
build kdeaddons. Not to mention, why should I have to build a full release
of NetBSD, just to build one single package safely?

I don't hear these kinds of complaints from FreeBSD users regarding
portupgrade. I am no FreeBSD fan, but seriously: why is it necessary to nuke
every package before rebuilding? why not build, and IF IT BUILDS, then nuke
and reinstall? That seems to be the saner course of action to me. That way
I'm not left with half the packages I had before because I updated one
relatively insignifigant package that some weird dependency chain linked to
KDE, and then to everything else.

I'm tired of it. So: what'll it be? money? hardware? or should I just act
like nothing is wrong with the update target, like the pkgsrc developers do?