Subject: Re: Port of pkgsrc to nextstep?
To: Johnny Lam <>
From: David Hopper <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/22/2005 11:54:22
And if pkgsrc on NEXTSTEP were to happen, I would curse the day NeXT  
decided to release a "User" version of NeXTSTEP without any headers  
or dev tools.  Because that's the one I own.  $300 back in the day.   

Unix without headers?  Man, what were we smoking?  Solaris?


On Jun 22, 2005, at 11:35 AM, Johnny Lam wrote:

> Martijn van Buul wrote:
>>>    (1) Port the bootstrap kit in pkgsrc/bootstrap.
>> There's the culprit: Modern gcc doesn't support nextstep anymore.
> We should be able to use the provided compiler to build most C  
> programs, but you're probably out of luck for all of the C++  
> packages, including Qt3 and KDE3.
>     Cheers,
>     -- Johnny Lam <>