Subject: Re: Port of pkgsrc to nextstep?
To: None <>
From: Andreas_Hallmann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/22/2005 15:47:42
I had set up a bootstrping chain once to get gcc 2.95.2 up and running.
Core utils gnu make and bash are compilable, even so it is hard to get 
them up. 

Mostly because the C-libraries comming with nextstep have a brain dead  posix adaption,
(don't use) and without posix, many functions expected by linux/posix apps are not there or 
not in working condition. 
Much of this trouble can be worked around with "tuned" c header files.

BUT nextstep is not supported in glib and I never managed to get perl compiled.
May be it is easier to adapt netbsd's libs to the mach kernel.
Droping nextstep's libs and adapting original bsd libs whould be the right way to go.
Otherwise you have to struggle with every single package out their.

<To Georg>: What libs is the irix adaption based on? 
            Im not convinced, that a pkgsrc for nextstep project is easier than the IRIX adaptation.
            But it would be a nice project.

Is there someone out their who would like to volunteer?

NetBSD: If you happen to have any problem with your uptime.