Subject: make package fails in x11/kdebase3
To: None <>
From: Lars Nordlund <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/20/2005 22:05:40

I do not seem to be able to create a binary package of x11/kdebase3 in
pkgsrc-current (on NetBSD-3.99.6). Anyone else seeing this?

/usr/pkg/bin/sudo ===> real-su-package [kdebase-3.4.1nb1] ===> Building binary package for kdebase-3.4.1nb1
Creating package /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All/kdebase-3.4.1nb1.tgz
Using SrcDir value of /usr/pkg
Registering depends: Xrandr>=1.0.2nb1 cyrus-sasl>=2.1.17nb3 fontconfig>=2.2.96nb1 freetype2>=2.1.9nb1 kdelibs>=3.4.0nb1 libusb>=0.1.8nb2 openexr>=1.2.1 openldap>=2.2.18nb1 qt3-libs>=3.3.3nb4 xcursor>=1.1.1nb2 xdg-dirs>=1.2 xorg-libs>=6.8.2nb1.
pkg_create: can't stat `/usr/pkg/share/kde/fonts/fonts.dir'
pkg_create: can't stat `/usr/pkg/share/kde/fonts/override/fonts.dir'
tar: Unable to access share/kde/fonts/fonts.dir (No such file or directory)
tar: Unable to access share/kde/fonts/override/fonts.dir (No such file or directory)
tar: WARNING! These file names were not selected:
pkg_create: tar command failed with code 256
(pkg_create: exitcode 2)
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/x11/kdebase3

I suppose it could be some compilation problem on my machine which
somehow has the effect that two files fails to install.. But I guess
it is the PLIST which is in error.

Best regards
	Lars Nordlund