Subject: Re: Solaris: native Xrender not recognized
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Johnny Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/15/2005 13:43:22
Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> leaving aside that pkgsrc/mk/buildlink3/imake-check has on Solaris, 
> there are problems recognizing the builtin Xrender. There is a Xrender.h 
> present, but the problem's deeper, as not even the OpenWindows Version 
> is recorded properly in BUILTIN_X11_VERSION.native - this also happens 
> for Irix and OSF/1. The patch to is a cludge which the 
> variable to _something_. It's not ready for primetime.

No version is determined by design.  Until someone provides a way to 
determine the version of those X11 distributions, it's supposed to be 
okay to have BUILTIN_X11_VERSION.native be undefined.

> With BUILTIN_X11_VERSION.native set, pkgsrc/x11/Xrender/ then 
> doesn't know how to determine if Xrender is present on the named 
> OpenWindows version, as no corresponding 
> _BLTN_XRENDER_${_version_}.openwin variable is set. Again this is also 
> the case for other systems like Irix etc. The second patch below does 
> _something_ here again, but it's also more an indicator where to fill in 
> real data, and not ready for use too.

Is this something that you saw through testing or by code inspection?  I 
wasn't able to test on a Solaris system as I don't have access to one, 
but the Xrender/ file should simply not be setting a value for 
BUILTIN_PKG.Xrender on OpenWindows, which skips the version number check 
later on in the file.  By default, Xrender/, on any X11 
distribution, will use the built-in Xrender as long as

    (1) Xrender.h exists, and
    (2) The imake check for the BuildRenderLibrary symbol is passed.

Now, there is a default PREFER_PKGSRC+=Xrender in mk/defaults/mk.conf 
which will force the use of the pkgsrc Xrender which may not be 
appropriate for OpenWindows, but that is a separate issue.

> I don't know how to determine the OpenWindows Version here, else I could 
> at least tell one version that has Xrender - fwiw, I'm running Solaris 
> 9/x86 here, somewhat patched.

If you find a reliable way to determine the OpenWindows version, please 
let me know.


	-- Johnny Lam <>