Subject: Re: Some more GNOME 1 candidates for removal
To: None <>
From: Alan Post <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/15/2005 13:33:16
In article <>, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:
> 	wm/sawfish
> 	wm/sawfish-replibs
> 	x11/rep-gtk (removing this one means removing sawfish*)

I use sawfish, as does at least one of my friends.  I really like
having a programmably extensible window manager.  I'd rather use
something more actively maintained, but scwm is even less maintained,
AFAICT.  If anyone has a suggestion for a more-alive wm that really
allows you to do whatever you want (i.e. bind arbitrary wm actions to
arbitrary keys, and maintain internal data structures), I'd love to
hear about it.

FWIW, here is an assertion that "sawfish is still being developed":

Is the goal here to remove GNOME1 altogether?  I think it is possible
to build sawfish against GNOME2 -- see the FreeBSD ports "sawfish2"
and "rep-gtk2".