Subject: lang/sbcl package testing needed
To: None <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/12/2005 21:12:37
Would anyone like to take a look at the SBCL package I built and
put on

Since SBCL needs a Common Lisp system to bootstrap it, I took a
hint from gcc3-ada and made a variable in the Makefile to specify
the bootstrap system, and skip the whole thing if one is not defined.
If CLisp is specified as the bootstrap system, it adds the clisp
package to BUILD_DEPENDS.

It passed pkglint with only 1 warning, which I'm ignoring for style
reasons.  It's the BUILD_DEPENDS line, pkglint wants it earlier
in the Makefile.  I'd just commit it, but I haven't done this in
a while, and thought a second opinion would be a good idea at this
point, esp. since it's doing some slightly unusual things.  (Other
developers:  Are we in the pre-branch freeze, and when will it be

Finally, anyone want to take a stab at testing or making this work
for more than just NetBSD/i386?  That's all I have to test with,
but it should work on more systems than just that one.  (OK, I have
NetBSD/sparc too, but I have to port SBCL itself first, and it
keeps core dumping in the cross-compile/bootstrap process.  I think
I have the memory map wrong.)