Subject: Re: pkgsrc and case-sensitive HFS+ problem
To: John D. Baker <>
From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/12/2005 12:03:37
-On [20050611 22:43], John D. Baker ( wrote:
>So, I've just exposed my ignorance on this issue.  I haven't really had
>to think about filename character (en)coding before.  (I'm another one
>of those mono-lingual Americans...)

*grin*  I'm one of those language crazy Europeans, messing with about 20-25
languages. ;)

>From what I've been able to read so far, it may be an issue with how
>the UTF-8 character is being normalized to the UTF-16 underlying HFS+.
>Apple uses NFD while almost everyone else uses NFC.  Again, I don't see
>why this might cause a problem, as I thought it should be a transparent
>issue for the filesystem layer.

I need to check into that and how transparent it is.

>Whatever is at issue, it keeps me from un-tar-ing files with filenames
>containing characters 0x80-0xff on HFS+ (whether case-sensitive or not).

I wonder in how much tar might be causing problems here.

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