Subject: Warning about differing opsys versions when installing binary packages
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/11/2005 16:08:11

Currently, pkg_add complains when installing binary packages
that have been built for a different opsys version than the
one on which they are installed (but keeps on installing).

This is annoying if you want to install NetBSD-2.0 packages
on 2.0.2, because there really is no reason for problems.

So I thought about removing this check at least in this
particular case. However, hardcoding a case for these versions
is not a good idea. So how do we generalize this?

Do we want to install packages from 2.0(.a) on 2.1(.b) without
complaints too? I'm not quite sure.

I'm pretty sure we should not remove the warning for -current;
x.99.y packages should always give warnings on x.99.z, because too
much might change between two current versions. (We are only talking
about a warning, packages still install without any problems.)

What about other operating systems than NetBSD?