Subject: Re: inclusion of is missing?
To: Kouichirou Hiratsuka <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/09/2005 13:30:10
Kouichirou Hiratsuka wrote:
> In mk/defalts/mk.conf, randrext is listed to PREFER_PKGSRC.
> Should I set PREFER.randrext to "native"?
> PREFER_PKGSRC?=         MesaLib Xft2 Xrandr Xrender expat fontconfig    \
>                         freetype2 glu randrext render xcursor

If you are using, it's probably better to set the following in 
your /etc/mk.conf:


By my reading of pkgsrc/x11/xorg-libs/Makefile, xorg-libs already pulls 
in the pkgsrc versions of expat, freetype2, and fontconfig, so it's not 
necessary to list them.  For what it's worth, I personally use:

PREFER_NATIVE=	getopt skey tcp_wrappers

so that all dependencies are satisfied through pkgsrc, and I have fewer 
problems with updating packages.

What to do when not using the native XFree86 is still guesswork as we 
don't have that many users experiementing with using pkgsrc X11 
distributions and providing feedback on what works and what doesn't.


	-- Johnny Lam <>