Subject: qmail syncdir problem
To: None <>
From: rudolf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/07/2005 21:30:44

I am trying to install qmail with "PKG_OPTIONS.qmail+=syncdir" from 
pkgsrc on NetBSD-2.0_STABLE, but the install phase is failing (the same 
results with amd64 and i386).

The last lines are:

./compile auto-gid.c
auto-gid.c: In function `main':
auto-gid.c:22: warning: return type of `main' is not `int'
./load auto-gid substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a
( ./auto-uid auto_uida `head -1 conf-users`  &&./auto-uid auto_uidd 
`head -2 conf-users | tail -1`  &&./auto-uid auto_uidl `head -3 
conf-users | tail -1`  &&./auto-uid auto_uido `head -4 conf-users | tail 
-1`  &&./auto-uid auto_uidp `head -5 conf-users | tail -1`  &&./auto-uid 
auto_uidq `head -6 conf-users | tail -1`  &&./auto-uid auto_uidr `head 
-7 conf-users | tail -1`  &&./auto-uid auto_uids `head -8 conf-users | 
tail -1`  &&./auto-gid auto_gidq `head -1 conf-groups`  &&./auto-gid 
auto_gidn `head -2 conf-groups | tail -1`  ) > auto_uids.c.tmp && mv 
auto_uids.c.tmp auto_uids.c
fatal: unable to find user alias
*** Error code 111

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/qmail-1.03
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail
===> There was an error during the ``build'' phase.
===> Please investigate the following for more information:
===>      * log of the build
===>      * /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.work.log
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail

It also generates following line to syslog: "auto-uid: /etc/pwd.db: Bad 
address". There is a valid entry in /etc/passwd for user 'alias'.

Last lines of /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.work.log are:
     (logic) push: -lsyncdir [split]
     (logic) pop:  -I/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/include
     (logic) to:   -I/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/include [cached]
     (logic) push: -I/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/include
     (logic) pop:  -L/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/lib
     (logic) to:   -L/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/lib [cached]
     (logic) push: -L/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/lib
     (cmd-sink) pop: -s
     (cmd-sink) pop: -o
     (cmd-sink) pop: auto-gid
     (cmd-sink) pop: auto-gid.o
     (cmd-sink) pop: substdio.a
     (cmd-sink) pop: error.a
     (cmd-sink) pop: str.a
     (cmd-sink) pop: fs.a
     (cmd-sink) pop: -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib
     (cmd-sink) pop: -L/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/lib
     (cmd-sink) pop: -lsyncdir
     (cmd-sink) pop: -I/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/include
     (cmd-sink) pop: -L/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/lib
<.> /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.gcc/bin/gcc -s -o auto-gid auto-gid.o 
substdio.a error.a str.a fs.a -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib 
k/lib -I/usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail/work/.buildlink/include -lsyncdir

Installing qmail with libsyncdir manually (not using pkgsrc) results in:

# make setup


install: fatal: unable to open current directory: bad address
*** Error code 111


Is there a way to install qmail with syncdir on NetBSD? I planned to use 

Thanks for any advice,