Subject: pkgsrc cross-building support has been imported
To: None <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/07/2005 01:16:39
This is a heads up that I have done the initial import of the
pkgsrc cross-building support I presented at EusrBSDCon 2004.
(The paper is available at

The committed support is rather limited, but I have been asked to
commit this so that people can start working on other infrastructure
changes needed to make this really useful.  I intend to finish up
the full support during my vacation in July.

The main limitations are:
* You can only cross build to NetBSD-1.6.2 arm-based ports.
* It does not work on the LP64 platforms.

It may also have problems on big endian architectures, and on
NetBSD 3.0 and newer.  I just installed such a system for testing,
and will fix the problems during the pkgsrc freeze.

I have done quite a lot of changes the last couple of days,
so it is likely I have broken some things that worked in my
major testing some weeks ago.  I'm going to start a cross bulk
build now and fix the bugs in the cross functionality when they
crop up.  So expect an update soon... :-|

To use this functionality (assuming you want to cross-build to
NetBSD-1.6.2/shark), you start by installing the package


Cross-building packages is then done in the same way you build
normal packages -- with the difference that you use a cross-enabled
version of make, called


I will write up more detailed instruction in a couple of days,
after I have made sure that everything works as expected.