Subject: Re: X11 is excluded from 'make show-all-depends-dirs'
To: Lars Nordlund <>
From: Geert Hendrickx <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/06/2005 19:44:16
On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 07:19:34PM +0200, Lars Nordlund wrote:
> For some reason show-all-depends-dirs has stopped listing X11 packages
> as dependancies. show-all-depends-dirs (or really show-depends-dirs)
> looks at the variables BUILD_DEPENDS and DEPENDS. X11 is pulled in by
> another mechanism since a few weeks ago. I do not know how to fix this
> yet, since I believe excluding them will cause problems for fetch-list
> and its friends.

It does here, with xorg, and pkgsrc as of today: 

% cd /usr/pkgsrc/wm/icewm
% make show-depends-dirs    
devel/gmake fonts/Xft2 x11/Xrandr x11/xorg-libs
% make show-all-depends-dirs
misc/xorg-dirs x11/render x11/xorg-imake textproc/expat x11/randrext
x11/Xrender graphics/freetype2 fonts/fontconfig devel/pkgconfig
devel/libtool-base x11/xorg-libs x11/Xrandr fonts/Xft2 devel/gmake