Subject: Re: binary bootstrap kits as native packages
To: None <>
From: Tyler Retzlaff <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/06/2005 08:53:33
Jan Schaumann wrote:
> Luke Mewburn <> wrote:
>>On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 12:53:17PM +1000, Tyler Retzlaff wrote:
>>  | Has there been any consideration to distributing binary bootstrap kits 
>>  | in the target platforms native package format?  For example MacOS .pkg 
>>  | or Red Hat/Fedora Core's rpm?
>>  | 
>>  | I do realize that just extracting the kit at / is very easy.  However it 
>>  | just goes that little bit more to allow pkgsrc tools to be installed 
>>  | almost without thought or instructions.
>>I think this is a good idea, as is providing "native" binary packages
>>for non-NetBSD platforms that have been built from source with pkgsrc.
>>It would go greatly to expanding the appeal of pkgsrc-built-binaries
>>on those other platforms.
> Something like a 'make native-package'?  I'm not sure, but wouldn't this
> entail pkgsrc understanding and becoming compatible with other package
> managers in order to be able to accurately construct the proper
> dependencies and all?

No, this is not what I meant.  I only mean providing the bootstrap as a 
native package.  I don't mean that pkgsrc should have a target that 
builds native packages.

As Roland said:

apt-get install pkgsrc.deb
rpm -i pkgsrc.rpm
installer -pkg pkgsrc.pkg -target /

which would just install bmake, digest, pkg_* tools to /usr/pkg.