Subject: pkgsrc on FreeBSD: can't find glib
To: Tech Pkg <>
From: Jon Drews <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/01/2005 14:01:56
OS: FreeBSD 5.4
pkgsrc form CURRENT


 When I try and compile pkgsrc/x11/gtk2 I get the following warning:

checking for GLIB - version >=3D 2.6.0... Abort trap (core dumped)
***Could not run GLIB test program, checking why ..
***The Test program compiled, but did not run, This
***usually means that the run-time linker is not finding GLIB

I compiled another program that needed GLIB (irssi) and it found it just fi=
 I added an LD_LIBARRY_PATH=3D/usr/pkg/lib/ but gtk2 will still not
compile. Do I need to create an /etc/

Kind regards,