Subject: Re: Faulty PKGWILDCARD breaks show-needs-update
To: Lars Nordlund <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/01/2005 00:43:55
On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 10:13:59PM +0200, Lars Nordlund wrote:
> pkg_chk -i requires that I have the packages installed, doesn't it?

Yes. But doesn't show-needs-update compare against
installed packages too?

> > Many of the packages you mention below have a version number in the directory
> > name, or -devel attached. Those are fine.
> If that is the case, then this will never work:
> ===> lars@ardbeg:/usr/pkgsrc/chat/xchat2 %make show-needs-update
> devel/atk => atk-1.9.1 => needs update to atk-1.10.1
> chat/xchat2 => (none) => needs install of xchat-2.4.1nb1
> ===> lars@ardbeg:/usr/pkgsrc/chat/xchat2 %pkg_info | grep xchat     
> xchat-2.4.1nb1      X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK2
> toolkit

Yes, I agree.
Use one of the other tools that actually do work.

> What this boils down to is the question what the PKGNAME and
> PKGWILDCARD variables shall be used for. When you say it is ok because
> the different packages are different versions of the same base package,
> you are hinting something which goes along the lines of "chat/xchat2 is
> providing the xchat service, just like chat/xchat is".

I've never heard of the target or PKGWILDCARD before,
so I make no such claims :)

> archivers/rar-linux
> PKGNAME=rarlinux-3.4.1
> PKGWILDCARD=rar-linux-[0-9]*
> x11/controlcenter
> PKGNAME=control-center-
> PKGWILDCARD=controlcenter-[0-9]*

Fixed these two.

> Most of the rest seems to have a valid reason behind their directory
> names. The real one is taken by the version 1 of the package, or the
> DISTFILE has the major revision number in the base of the filename.
> Others have strange capitalization. I am not really sure if we should
> follow it or not. What if the next release of that package the tar ball
> has a slightly different capitalization? Wouldn't that be annoying?

Either fix PKGNAME or the directory name, both of which are under
our complete control :)

> ---games/gltron---
> PKGNAME=gltron-0.70nb2
> PKGWILDCARD=gltron-0.70-[0-9]*
> DISTNAME=gltron-0.70-source
> Look at that beast! The nb2 suffix on the PKGNAME is fooling pkg_admin
> in its futile search for matching packages. I installed the package to
> show this proof:

This package was playing games with PKGBASE, I fixed it.