Subject: Re: Faulty PKGWILDCARD breaks show-needs-update
To: Lars Nordlund <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/31/2005 14:26:27
On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 02:03:15AM +0200, Lars Nordlund wrote:
> I have seen that PKGWILDCARD has the wrong value in some packages. I
> think they lack a proper PKGNAME definition because the DISTNAME differs
> from the default name (which is often the name of the directory?), or
> some variant of that.
> With some shell magic I have found the following packages whose
> PKGWILDCARD regex will _not_ catch its PKGNAME (and also have a broken
> 'make show-needs-update' after installation, I guess, after having tried
> a couple of them and seen the fault):

May I recommend using 'pkg_chk -i'?
It will almost surely be quite a lot faster.

Many of the packages you mention below have a version number in the directory
name, or -devel attached. Those are fine.

Some are strange, like libgsf -- that one looks weird to me.

Could you perhaps provide a list of ones that have different PKGNAME
and directory name without an obvious reason? Those would be good
candidates for renaming...