Subject: Pkgsrc on FreeBSD 5.4 - libtool problems
To: Tech Pkg <>
From: Jon Drews <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/30/2005 17:02:10
FreeBSD 5.4
gcc 3.4.2
libtool 1.5.18


 I installed pkgsrc on FreeBSD 5.4. I was able to compile and install
XFree86, Korn Shell 93, links and python. I used bmake for these.
However when I try and compile Gnumeric-1.2.13 or blackbox, then I get
FOO.lo is not a valid libtool object. I should mention that I could
not get XFree86 to install it's docs.
  Any idea what I may be doing wrong here?

Kind regards,