Subject: new PRs to look at
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/24/2005 20:00:53
Last week we had around 41 PRs for pkgsrc. The rest are closed or have
been assigned or being worked on.

The following are some PRs that need to be assigned. They don't have

Can anyone of you look at or be responsible for these PRs?

pkg/30258: x11/openmotif build problem on DragonFly [patch]

pkg/30289: update request of devel/memcached to 1.1.12

pkg/30290: uvscan does not work with recent definitions files

pkg/30292: pkg_add -u dumps core

pkg/30301: multimedia/realplayer distinfo or Makefile needs updating

pkg/30302: please bump p5-CGI to 3.10

pkg/30307: chat/eggdrop is listed as IPv6-enabled, but is not

pkg/30314: DragonFly support multimedia/libdvdread

 Jeremy C. Reed

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