Subject: f77/tools/R problem
To: None <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/24/2005 16:43:38
Not sure if this should be considered an R problem or a gcc3-f77 problem or a 
pkg tools/infrastructure problem but on systems that need/use the gcc3-f77 
package (eg solaris systems using gcc3), if you install the R package the "R" 
cmd is unable to compile fortran.

This is because the gcc3-f77 package installs a "g77" but no "f77".  When 
building R the tools infrastructure provides both an "f77" and a "g77" (that 
eventually point to the real "g77") and the R configure prefers to use the 
"f77" which is fine during the build of the package but once its installed 
references to "f77" remain in the R package and there is no such command for 
it to use on the standard path.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Get the gcc3-f77 package to install an f77 as well?  (The post-install stage 
of its Makefile has this commented out)
Get the pkgsrc infrastructure to not provide an f77 when one wont exist after 
the build?  (no idea how to do this)
Get R to prefer g77 over f77?