Subject: imake manual page PLIST handling broken.
To: None <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/22/2005 00:56:07
     Is it just me or is the handling of the names of imake generated manual 
pages in PLIST's broken?

The make framework defines various variables with platform specific values for 
substitution into PLIST's including: IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX, IMAKE_LIBMAN_SUFFIX, 

but in the PLIST's (or anywhere else) _only_ IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX is used 
irrespective of what manual section it goes in.

eg in audio/nas


in wm/olvwm:


This works on NetBSD, where entries are all of the form catX/foo.0, and for 
packages that only put manual pages in section 1 but for platforms that imake 
puts the manual pages in manX/foo.X (or similar) its not going to work.

Looks like the PLIST's should actually use the IMAKE_*MAN_SUFFIX variables as 
appropriate and the per platform values for these should be fixed to be the 
correct values - eg for NetBSD they should all be 0.  For Solaris is further 
complicated because some of the values differ depending on whether you are 
using OpenWindows for your X/imake or using XFree86 or Xorg.