Subject: Re: Tarball of my Zope/Plone pkgsrc work in progress available
To: None <>
From: Takahiro Kambe <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/10/2005 22:06:18

Thanks for your reply.

In message <>
	on Wed, 4 May 2005 11:22:23 -0400,
	Douglas Wade Needham <> wrote:
> To answer Takahiro's question, I put up a new tarball on
> in the downloads section on April 21.  To see
> the downloads section links, you will have to register, but the
> process is quick and painless.  The reason I require the registration
> is so that folks are more aware of the fact that there is a potential
> hazard to using a WIP.
(I don't understand well what is the hazard.)

> On the status side, I have one major item I am trying to figure out,
> where if I am uploading a batch of pictures via the ftp interface,
> there appears to be a pretty hefty memory leak.  It is bad enough that
Is it the problem of Zope itself?  (or unknown?)

> to clear the resulting state, the Zope server must be restarted. 8( I
> have logged this in my collector on the above site as bug 3, with a
> status of critical.  Once I figure out the parameters of this issue in
> a little more detail, I will be submitting an issue to one of the main
> collectors, and then will be importing the work into pkgsrc-wip to
> start the process of getting it into pkgsrc itself.
How long will it take?

> readable.  Unfortunately, it appears that pkglint is perhaps a little
> overly sensitive to things such as ordering and spacing, and IMO doth
> protest too much when it comes to these packages.  Anyone wanting to
> offer opinions on this, please feel free to do so.
If pkglint point out syntactic problem, I don't think that it would be
very difficult to fix.  (It could be fixed after imported to pkgsrc.)

> The above two items also bring to mind something else.  We have the
> MAINTAINER variable, which is currently used to list the email address
> as well.  Anyone have any opinions about adding an optional variable
> such as MAINTAINER_HOMEPAGE or MAINTAINER_URL?  Or perhaps we should
You had better propose on tech-pkg with separate mail.

Takahiro Kambe <>