Subject: Re: XINE_USE_WIN32_CODECS?= NO (was: HEADS UP: change regarding
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/07/2005 17:59:54
> >  	Just to clarify - this would make a win32-codecs free xine
> >  	package which works, but will automatically use the win32-codecs
> >  	package if installed?

Now tested. Yes. And I learned that some Windows Media audio and video
files already work without the win32-codecs.

Just remove the dependency and add MESSAGE.i386.


To watch or listen to Windows Media (.asf/.wmv/.wma), such as MS
WMV 8 or 9 ASF video, or Quicktime files or streams, install the
multimedia/win32-codecs package.  It is not required by default
due to unclear licensing.

The win32-codecs package is not needed for MS Windows Media Audio 2
and MS Windows Media 7 ASF video, because xine-lib already supports
these formats using built-in ffmpeg.


I have some patches to commit.

By the way, does anyone use xine with real player codecs? If so, how?

 Jeremy C. Reed

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