Subject: packages needing X11 clients
To:, <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/05/2005 15:42:58
I noticed that lyx-qt didn't install share/lyx/xfonts/PSres.upr.

I see in work/lyx-1.3.5/lib/configure it is created with makepsres.

I don't have makepsres on my "build" system.

I do see it is part of X11 clients though.

What would be the correct way to detect and BUILD_DEPENDS for this?

.include "../../mk/"
.if !exists(${X11BASE}/bin/makepsres)
.  if defined(X11_TYPE) && !empty(X11_TYPE:MXFree86)
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	XFree86-clients-[0-9]*:../../x11/XFree86-clients
.  elif defined(X11_TYPE) && !empty(X11_TYPE:Mxorg)
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	xorg-clients-[0-9]*:../../x11/xorg-clients
.  else
PKG_FAIL_REASON=	"${PKGNAME} requires makepsres"
.  endif

The above is untested.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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