Subject: Re: how to kill any O* when compiling
To: Timo Schoeler <>
From: Charles Swiger <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/04/2005 13:19:25
On May 4, 2005, at 1:14 PM, Timo Schoeler wrote:
> however, is there a way to kill any O* statements when building the
> package? i tried sth. like CFLAGS-=-O* and COPTS-=-O* in /etc/mk.conf,
> but this didn't work (there were still -O2's)...
> any idea?

If you put a -O0 into CFLAGS, this will disable optimization even if a 
-O, -O2, or whatever appears earlier in the compilation line.  However, 
if the software being built appends it's own flags to the value of 
CFLAGS, then you're going to have to patch it yourself.